Group A: You have NOT enough money to buy food on the table & NO

time to spare, even need to work for double shifts and no off day.

1. Choose the job that can pay you to travel / take up the out station sales person job / long distant driver….. etc.

2. Choose a city or forest, free & easy / relax & doing nothing just watching and experiencing the picture views.

3. Choose your dream location nearest to your home or work place and just go for it. You will never regret when you old to tell your grand children or friends.

Group B: You have some money and time but with budget limitation.

1. Choose any South-East-Asia destination, fly & stay budget, many attractions are almost FREE.

2. Choose China / Russia / India / Africa / Latin America / Oceania / North America.

3. Choose any Wonder of the world or your dream vacation place.

Group C:  You have plenty of free time and money.

1. Choose the 17 World Wonders

2. Choose the Medical & Health Care

3. Choose the Space Travel